“Elegant documentary & lifestyle portraits in Shanghai”




We are a photography company initially located in Shanghai, founded by a French and Chinese Couple. We specialize in creating & capturing photographs worth printing. We regard photographs taken in one’s lifetime, as truthful mementos of fleeting moments.

The face is a landscape which records every joy & sorrow, it is an ongoing art project for which only still photographs are left to testify of its existence. We firmly believe in the power of photographs for portraying the  truthful character of a person and recording candid moments lost from our memories. As photographers, we seek minimal alteration of the face and figure, to achieve realistic photographs. Aside from lifestyle portraits and engagements we also provide coverage of weddings and high-end luxury events. Feel free to get in touch with us no matter where you are via the contact page ! or find us on Facebook Wechat & Instagram.

We also provide commercial lifestyle and advertisement photography.


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